I started Impact Design By Julia because I believe in the power of branding to attract your ideal clients and transform your business. I support businesses and entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to life through impactful social media marketing, high converting websites and elevated branding.  

You are meant to thrive! Let's work together to strategically create an online presence that you love and are confident to share with your clients. 

Moving Brands from Surviving to THRIVING

Hi, I'm Julia!

Yoga & pilates, diffusing essential oils, practicing meditations, making vegan recipes and doing face masks. 

daily rituals

Working to help my clients skyrocket their sales through captivating designs, painting, walking on the beach at sunset or teaching yoga.


Good vibes, green juice, beautiful designs that catch my eye and taking action.

I'm All ABOUT:

Following your mission in life. The importance of health and self-care. The impact of strong visual branding to transform your business.  


Through working together, you will gain better traction on your new website and on your social media through increasing visibility with modern & impactful branding. I have partnered with a variety of amazing clients from law firms, non-profits, wellness experts, the National Retail Federation as well as others. I can't wait to work together to design a brand that you love, attracting your dream clients! 

Impactful branding has a powerful effect on your business! My superpower is moving your business into the flow state, re-energizing and transforming your business. 

From a young age, I have loved everything creative. This passion flowed through my life as I went on to take every single art class my high school had to offer and became a pre-professional ballet dancer! In college, I studied graphic design, with minors in creative advertising and apparel merchandising. This love of everything creative in my life is the inspiration behind Impact Design by Julia.  Through serving others with my talents, I am able to step into the state of flow and let my inspiration transform your business and in turn, your life!  

let's work together

Taylor Swift  


avocado sushi


Atomic habits


green juice or coconut water


Travel vlogs on YouTube!



My Favorites:

Traveling the world — next up Iceland!

my happy place!

Taking a walk on the beach at sunset! I love appreciating the beauty all around us in nature. It is the perfect way to take a step back and come up with creative ideas!

Yoga on the beach! I have always loved fitness, movement and finding inner peace, so I became a certified yoga instructor!
In case you love yoga as well, click here to visit my yoga Youtube channel.

Ischia, Italy 

My Favorites:

I have loved painting from a young age and had a fun creative task of making paintings for our new apartment!

Practicing yoga is a daily ritual for me! I have taught yoga for 2 years now and believe that it is such a powerful way to promote both physical and mental well-being. 

Ella loves the beach as well!

my furry bestie, Ella






ice cream



Black coffee


night owl






My preferences on super important topics... Agree or disagree? 

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"Julia is thorough, responsive, flexible and a true partner focused on achieving results."


so they say:

let's work together

Do you want to show up confidently online, with clear branding, to attract your ideal clients, building authority in your niche? 

Send me a quick note on my contact form to learn more about how we can take your business to the next level. 

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