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3 Influential Ways You Can Grow Your Personal Brand on Social Media

June 24, 2022

The visual strategy of your brand is what catches people’s attention. Your brand voice and what value you bring to the table are what keeps them around!

Grow Your Personal Brand on Social Media
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There’s no doubt in today’s age that developing your personal brand on social media as a small business owner matters! 

Because how you present your brand is essential in growing your business and community (seriously).

What you share, how often you post, what brand colors you use and how you interact with your audience (aka. your followers) will determine whether you will grow your fanbase, gaining connections and potential customers for your business!

Let’s dive into the 3 most influential ways you can grow your personal brand on social media today.

1. Develop a clear and authentic brand voice

Have you ever thought about why you started to follow someone on social media? 

Think about that feeling you get when you really connect with a person, a post, a product or get inspired by a whole feed of content. That’s the effect of memorable branding.

You see, the visual strategy of your brand is what catches people’s attention. Your brand voice and what value you bring to the table are what keeps them around!

A brand voice is essentially the essence of your business’ personality. 

It’s how you present yourself online and communicate through your social channels, website, newsletters, emails, blog posts, advertisements, etc. 

So no matter where potential customers view your brand, having a consistent brand voice across all channels is the key to maintaining loyal customers

If you find it challenging to develop your brand voice, then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are my core values?
  2. Who’s my target audience?
  3. What are the needs, interests and values of my ideal client?
    • What do they do for a living?
    • What do they like to do for fun?
    • How do they talk and interact?
    • What value are they looking for in my kind of services?

Once you have determined these things, if you still need some inspiration, take a glance at successful competitors; what’s working for them? What content do they post, and how often do they do it?

Just remember to NOT copy them. That’s a big no-no! 

You want to use this inspiration to find your own unique tone of voice. Just make sure that it aligns with your business’s mission and values.

2. Create a unique visual brand aesthetic 

While your brand voice shows your brand’s personality, your visual branding is how you present that communication through posting content such as videos, reels, graphics, stories and images on your social media profiles.

The way you present your brand will give people the impression of what kind of business you have, what services you offer and what value you can bring to clients.

Your brand style is essentially the look and feel of your brand.

It plays a part in everything from your logo to the colors and typefaces you use, to what kind of content you display on your socials.

When deciding what your branding should look like on social media, consider the following statements:

  • Is it aligning with my values, mission and services I offer?
  • Is it in alignment with the look of my website? Is there a coherent theme?

Fun fact: According to the Sprout Social Index, 91% of consumers actually visit a brand’s website! If you want to learn more about the benefits of having a website, click here.

  • Does it reflect my personality? Does it feel authentic?
  • Does it speak to my target audience?
  • Does my choice of color scheme reflect the above?

3. Design a visual brand that will make a lasting impression on potential clients

In alignment with creating your unique brand style, it’s vital to remember to design it in a way that compliments your business.

If your branding visually stands out, you are more likely to leave a long-lasting impression that will make people remember you.

That’s why the right selection of colors and having an overall cohesive theme is essential in creating a memorable brand that your target market is drawn to!

Choosing the right mix of colors for your branding can increase people’s recognition of your brand by a staggering 80%

Further, a study shows that 92% of consumers acknowledge that visual appearance is the most influential overall marketing factor when they make a purchase.

Those are a few good reasons for paying close attention to your visual brand design, don’t you think?

Pro-tip: If you’re unsure what colors to use, look at the photos you commonly post and pick your brand colors from there!

Other visual aspects of your branding include:

  • Typefaces: What typefaces you use in your branding (actually) matters. They also play a part in setting the stage for how you want to portray your business. It’s all part of the visual aspect of your business. Choose typography that aligns with your brand voice and visual style. 
  • Logo: A logo represents your business and is how customers associate a service (or product) with you.

If you’re an entrepreneur starting out on social media (or want to grow your branding on a social platform) this will be especially helpful for you to create brand memorability, as you spread awareness and connect with potential clients!

  • A style guide: Once you have determined your brand voice, and aspects of your visual brand identity, you should gather this information and put it into a style guide. The end result will be a complete branding strategy to use on social media. 

Below, we’ll discuss my all-time favorite tool to create your visual brand and a simplified style guide; the graphic design tool, Canva!

The most user friendly, practical, fun and time-saving tool for social media branding

My favorite tool to design my social media posts is hand downs the graphic design platform ‘Canva.’ 

It’s such an easy and powerful tool for creating branded social posts and reels!

It not only allows you to design every type of social media post possible, but it also lets you create other things for your business, such as videos, presentations, advertisements, flyers, invoices, proposals, and much, much more!

I also highly recommend using Canva Pro because you can set up a brand kit to have all your branded elements easily accessible when creating something for your business.

But, Canva Pro also allows you to set up a content calendar to schedule your posts, so you can save time instead of having to post every day!

Feeling ready to level up your branding? Then click here to get your 30-day free trial of Canva Pro.

Final thoughts

Growing your brand on social media can seem like a daunting task to get around. But following these 3 tips will give you a massive leg up! 

Use these tips to create awareness around your brand, helping you to show up as an authority in your industry! This results in better traction on your social accounts and more clients interested in your services. 

If you lack time in your busy schedule or want to take the hassle out of designing everything yourself, click here to book your free consultation call with me!

You can also click here to check out my social media marketing packages.

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